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they received the word with all readiness of mind,

and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Therefore many of them believed;

-Acts of the Apostles XVII,11b-12a

Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

-Galatians II,16

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Bible Challenge for Catholics
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    NEWEST SITE!    The Dangers of Donating to the Catholic Church

    NEW SITE!    Roman Catholicism and the Ecumenical Movement!
    The Shepherd's Voice


  1. Fascinating Reading of Holy Bible for Roman Catholics
    Fascinating Reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics

    The sponsoring ministry of the BCFC Webring and this list of links!

  2. Seeds Of Faith
    The Roman Catholic Bible Has The Answer

  3. Former Catholics for Christ
    The GOOD NEWSletter


  5. What Saith the Scripture?
    Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Pastor Charles Chiniquy

  6. Ex-Roman Catholic for Jesus

  7. The Roman Catholic Observer

  8. Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Ed's Web Page

  9. Stuart's Castle: Sola Gratia
    Promise-Keepers and the Rising Tide of Ecumenism by Gil Rugh

  10. Bread Upon The Waters Ministry
    A Response To Roman Catholic Teaching

  11. Let Us Reason
    Articles on the Roman Catholic Religion

  12. Do/Done Home Page
    presented by Christians Evangelizing Catholics


  14. Cephas Apologetic Catalog

  15. Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal
    Why is the Catholic Mary so important to Catholics?

  16. The Lighthouse
    Christian Bible Based Cult Awareness Center: Catholicism

  17. It Is Finished!
    From Confusion To Conversion

  18. Roman Catholicism and the Scriptures

  19. The Jeremiah Project
    Roman Catholicism

  20. Mission to Catholics International, Inc.
    Original website:


  22. Alpha and Omega Ministries

    Leaven of the Pharisees - Roman Catholicism

  24. Biblical Discernment Ministries

  25. Reformation Online

  26. Gorden & Jacki's Place
    Conversion from Roman Catholicism to Biblical Christianity

  27. Berean Beacon Ministries

  28. a. Watch Unto Prayer
    Marian Apparitions & Prophesies

    b. Watch Unto Prayer
    Evangelicals & Catholics Together Document

  29. Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries
    Is Purgatory Biblical?

  30. Way of Life Homepage
    End Times Apostasy Online Database, Roman Catholic Church

    The Other Side of Rome

  32. Good News for Catholics

  33. The Christian Corner
    Questions for Catholics

  34. The Cutting Edge
    What saith Rome?

  35. Christian News & Views: Newsletter & Resource Page
    The Truth about Catholicism

  36. Christian Youth Alliance

  37. Proclaiming the Gospel

  38. The European Institute of Protestant Studies

  39. The Interactive Bible Home Page
    Roman Catholic Faith Examined

  40. Saints Alive in Jesus Ministry Website
    The Roman Catholic Church, A Biblical Critique

  41. Lamb & Lion Ministries
    Catholics and Protestants: How Big are the Differences?


  43. Christian Liberty

  44. a. CMR's Apologetics Index
    Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: A Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon: Part 1

    b. CMR's Apologetics Index
    Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: A Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon: Part 2

  45. Bible Bulletin Board
    The Roman Catholic Religion Examined

  46. Antipas Ministries: The End Times Network
    The Woman of Revelation 17

  47. Christian Research and Evangelism
    Reformation v. Roman Catholic Views

  48. The Berean Call

  49. Evangelical Outreach
    Information for Catholics

  50. The Trinity Foundation Website
    Intellectual Dishonesty and Roman Catholic Apologetics

  51. Reformed Witness
    Roman Catholicism: A Biblical Analysis

  52. Darkness to Light

  53. Joy Ministries
    Do I have to join your church to be saved?

  54. The Pilgrim's Path
    Misc. Articles of the New Catholic Catechism

  55. Landmark Independent Baptist Church Homepage
    An Open Letter to Roman Catholics

  56. Roland's
    The Great Fraud: Orthodoxy and Catholicism vs. Christianity

  57. Didaskalos Ministries
    Why Protestants Reject the Papacy

  58. a. Chick Publications

    b. Chick Publications
    Information on Roman Catholicism

    c. Chick Publications
    Tract: Are Roman Catholics Christians?

    d. Chick Publications
    Tract: Why is Mary Crying?

    e. Chick Publications

    f. Chick Publications
    Tract: Last Rites

  59. The Protestant Webring

  60. The Church of the Living Word
    Roman Catholic Tradtions vs. God's Biblical Truth

  61. Home Page of Robert C. Jones
    A Brief History of the Inquisition

  62. XL Ministries
    Roman Catholicism vs. Biblical Christianity

  63. Choose Ye This Day

  64. Abbott Loop Community Church
    Romanism Calmly Considered

  65. Christianity Versus Man Made Religion
    The Roman Catholic Pope And The Papacy

  66. Bethel Ministries
    Mother Teresa's Teaching vs. The Bible

  67. Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    Roman Catholicism

  68. Dabz Domain
    Things You Never Knew

    For Roman Catholics

  70. A Christian witness to Roman Catholicism

  71. Friends of William Tyndale
    Why were our reformers burned?

  72. Just for Catholics

  73. Carmel Contender's Homepage

  74. Different Gospels
    The Roman Catholic Church

  75. Allan Svensson's Web Site

  76. The Biblicist - Christian Interactive Forum
    Roman Catholicism

  77. Philologos Religious Online Books
    The Two Babylons

  78. Little Billy's Reality
    Catholic "Church" Not Christian

  79. Protestant Reformation Publications

  80. Michael Scheifler's Bible Light Home Page

  81. Roman Catholic Charismatics
    by Bill Scudder, Dayton OH

  82. Eternal Life Insights

  83. Azusa's Home page
    Catholic Charismatics and Unity

  84. The Ultimate Deception
    The Two Babylons by the late Rev. Alexander Hislop (download file)

  85. Global Network Business Exchange
    The Spirit of the Godfathers

  86. War in Heaven: Rome versus Jerusalem

    Is the Virgin Mary dead or alive?

  88. Vatican Bank Claims

  89. Power of Prophecy
    The monthly newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs

  90. Ephesians 5:11

  91. Defending the faith in the Last Days

  92. Pacific Institute
    Topical Category: Roman Catholicism

    Conclusive proof from the Bible that the Pope is the Antichrist

  94. Contender Ministries

  95. The Pope Is A Dope Page

  96. Evangelize America
    Timeline of Heresy in the Catholic Church


  98. Christian Morality Basics
    What Organized Religions Don't Say

  99. Truth Leads 2 Life
    Water Baptism (by Joe Slowiaczek)

  100. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His prophecy

  101. Bible Baptist Church of Blarney and Mallow, Ireland
    Why Roman Catholicism is Not Christianity

  102. Pope Joan-The Papal History That Will Not Go Away!

  103. Reaching Catholics for Christ

  104. The Bereans Apologetics Research Ministry
    The Errors of Romanism

  105. Protestant Apologetics and Theology
    The Present-Day Official Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Church

  106. Immanuel Ministries
    Inside the Catholic Catechism

  107. Upon This Rock
    The Restrainer

  108. The Conversion Center, Inc.

  109. Probe Ministries
    The Old Testament Apocrypha Controversy (by Don Closson)

  110. Is Mary a Source of Holiness?
    Balancedword Women's Ministries

  111. Papacy Uncovered

  112. Catholic Concerns
    The Spirit of Roman Catholicism
    Book online by Mary Ann Collins (A Former Catholic Nun)

  113. Rome & Ecumenism
    The Christian Expositor

  114. What is your view of the Catholic Church?
    Rapture Ready

  115. Escaped Catholics Saved By Grace

  116. In Understanding Be Adults
    Christians Evangelizing Roman Catholics

  117. Freedom From Catholicism
    Mary Ann Collins (A Former Catholic Nun)

  118. The Catholic Chronicles by Keith Green
    About Keith Green and the Catholic Chronicles

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